About me

Caroline Thompson
Nurturing Lifestyles - Childcare and Maternity support professional
Hi, my name is Caroline – friends call me Caz. I carry 17 years of extensive childcare knowledge and experience behind me. I love the responsibility, as I am passionate to support parents and nurture children in all areas of their development. My ability to build good relationships supports me in providing parents with key support and mentorship to help them understand, contribute and support their child’s experiences and development. I hold strong beliefs and values that parents are the primary educators of their children and should be centrally involved in their child’s experiences and growth. I provide continuous support to the whole family through pregnancy, birthing, early days of parenthood and the Early Years Development Stages.
Work Experience In Brief
Nursery Experience
I started my career back in year 2000 when I was working as a Nursery Assistant. I completed my NVQ3 in Early Years childcare and education in 2004, This was done whilst doing a modern apprenticeship scheme and working full time at a local day nursery. I gained experience working as a Nursery Assistant and qualified as a Nursery Practitioner, where I progressed as a Room Leader. Following this I moved onto a large chain nursery as a Room Leader. I quickly worked my way up to the Deputy Manager position and studied an NVQ3 Diploma in Management. In this role, I had the opportunity to take part in rebranding and refurbishing a nursery setting, and was responsible for conducting staff meetings and team management. I worked as Manager, fulfilling these and other duties during periods when my manager was absent.  
Nanny Experience
7-10 Years
I was eager to try a different aspect of childcare and so ventured into being a private Nanny. It was here I used my nursery based knowledge and experience to support children within their homes. Taking on full nursery duties including: bottle feeding preparation, weaning, toilet training, reading, homework and school runs, as well as fun activities such as cooking healthy nutritious meals. One of my best memories was traveling with two young children to Spain to visit their grandparents, leaving their parents behind in London. Whilst working 58 hours a week, in my first roll as a nanny, I somehow managed to setup my own after school club. I gave notice after two years to work in a part time nanny position, so I could spend some time on the club.
Registered owner
8-12 Years
Feeling even more eager to own my own business, I started up a 40-place after school club in 2008, whilst working as a fulltime nanny. My mother was the Day Manager and I was responsible for recruitment, policies and procedures, finance and admin. My years as a Deputy Manager motivated me and equipped me for this new exciting business venture. At the age of 24, this was a big deal, and a great achievement for me. "Good things must come to an end" Unfortunately, we decided to close the club after 4 years due to a change in management and building rearrangements.
Management Expereince
10-12 Years
I went back into my Deputy Manager role as if I never left and once again, quickly gained a promotion, becoming a Manager in a 49-place franchise day nursery. I then moved on to managing a big chain charity nursery where I was able to work with other care professionals, recruit and train my staff, fill in for the cook and be a part of a children centre.  
The past 5 years
12-17 years
The past six years have been interesting!  It has been filled with a lot of false hop temping positions, self reflection and gaining new training skils. I have had some lovely times and opportunities, which include:
  • Becoming a Maternity Support Worker at highly recommended, london  based hospital
  • Completing a course in Postnatal Maternity Nursing
  • Training to became a postnatal and birth doula
  • Having my first traveling experience with a family to France
  • Learning so much about the German and Swedish cultures
  • Most importantly, I got to learn about how the modern-day parents raise their children and what practices they put into place for them to achieve
My Skills
  • Strategic thinking- a very good sense of judgement, forward thinking and using initiative
  • Flexible/adaptable to change- I will make it work somehow
  • Interpersonal- I am flexible and approachable to all, and children love me
  • Team player- I appreciate my team and will prioritise my day to ensure a smooth running. “Team work makes the dream work”
  • Patience - Very calm and relaxed, this helps me in enjoying my direct childcare roles
  • Creativity- I always find a fun new way to do things. This skill aids me in my role in building beautiful sweet buffets for my events


Training & Qualifications


  • NVQ 3  Early Years Childcare and Education- Smarts Training
  • NVQ3 Management - Smarts Training
  • Diploma Postnatal Maternity Nursing- NEST
  • Doula Birth and Postnatal Preparation course - Developing Doulas
  • Closing The Bones Practitioner
  • Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative breastfeeding
  • Venepuncture


  • Paediatric First aid
  • Food Safety
  • DBS (updated service)
  • Full UK Licence
  • Safeguarding
What Next

My aim is to continue to support families and young children. Also, I would love to use all my knowledge and experience in helping those who are less fortunate.

I want to create an environment that provides a high level of care and education, as well as fun opportunities ensuring a healthy start in life.

I’m totally looking for business partners who are passionate and have the same ideas. I have a dream to start a Soft Play Cafe and Mother and baby unit .

Future Goals 

  • Work towards becoming a registered birth and postnatal doula.
  • Travel the world to gain knowledge of other Childcare and Education practices
  • Build Nurturing Lifestyles to a well-known trusted brand.
  • Build awareness of my creative gift business